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The Company

Windsor Property (Investments) Limited is a nationwide property development and investment company, offering individuals and companies the opportunity to invest in the residential or commercial property market.

We are a Surrey-based company with much local knowledge. All portfolios are designed to suit investor's needs.

The structure of our company provides an experienced accountant and property development manager who continuously monitor and up-date individual portfolios for our clients.

In the current financial climate, property is a wise option for investment, and is considered by many as a vehicle to retirement-with better returns than those currently available from many pension funds or indeed the stock market.

Whilst property is a more secure route for investment, most individuals lack the knowledge, confidence and time to build up their own investments. Windsor Property (Investments) will execute all of these duties to maximise investors' opportunities.

The graphs below illustrate quite clearly the comparative performance of the stock market (FTSE 100 index) against the property market.

FTSE Performance House Prices
FTSE Performance House Price Performance


Investment Opportunities

  • Are you looking to build a property investment portfolio from as little as £5,000?
  • Investments below £100,000 offer fixed rates of return up to 12.75%
  • Investments above £100,000 individually tailored to include profit-sharing


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